Fat Cat Pottery Studio. . .





Fat Cat Pottery is a 2,000 + square foot open studio.  Members have access 24/7 to all the equipment and supplies needed to make wonderful creations in clay.

There are nine electric wheels, two kick wheels with Giffin Grips, two slab rollers and an extruder with a large variety of shapes for hollow  and solid forms, and two large electric kilns, 2 Skutt kilns  a medium kiln and a tiny test kiln.  We have lots of slump or hump molds, and wonderful large bowl molds and two sinks for cleanup...

 The studio has over twenty six plus glazes and stains.  what we don't have in the studio we have in the store. There is a break room equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee pot, blender and even a toaster, everything to make lunch or breakfast.

 In addition to our regular classes, we have two studio options:

Hourly rate - $7.50/hour. Accessible during store hours - Tuesday through Thursday, 9AM to 5PM. Friday and Saturday, 9AM to 3PM.  You can come in and throw, hand build, or glaze.  We will fire your pieces but you have to pay for both bisque and glaze firings, as a hourly studio user.

Monthly Membership - access anytime 24/7  - $100 for first month and $96 there after. You pay for your bisque firings (per piece) only, and can store up to two boxes of your clay in the studio. you can come in and use the studio all day or all night, as a member you pick your time.